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Enclosed Overrunning Clutches

Hilliard’s Enclosed Overrunning Clutch incorporates superior MTR design in a totally enclosed package. Designed for power transmission operations, this clutch is totally contained in a stationary housing for constant protection from hostile environments or wash-downs. Lubrication system provides continuous oil circulation. Breather filter attached to equalize pressure without introducing contaminants.


Power Generation - Turning Gears

Type: Self Contained/Wash Down


Enclosed Overrunning Clutch (Brochure)

High Speed Overrunning Clutch Starter Drive

The Hilliard High-Speed Overrunning Clutch provides positive engagement and high torque on demand. Featuring a unique roller-ramp design, the clutch when engaged transmits power via the precision-machined cam and roller assembly connected to the input shaft. A ball bearing at each end of the roll cage supports and aligns the cam in relation to the drive (output) shaft.


Power Generation

Type: Positive Engagement w/High Torque


High Speed Overrunning Starter Drive (Brochure)

Pneumatic Overload Release Clutch

The Hilliard Pneumatic Overload Release Clutch provides adjustable, on-the-fly overload protection by using air pressure to regulate torque. Air pressure puts force on the balls placed inside the pockets in the clutch, and provides the means for torque transmission. By adjusting the air pressure, the overload torque can be increased or decreased accordingly.


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