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Hilliard Brake Systems at Smart Mining 2019

Hilliard Corporation offers an entire range of industrial modular brakes, caliper brakes, rail and disk brakes, electric brakes and products such as power units, mounting brackets, and discs and hubs. Choose from our complete line of fail-safe and active braking systems to meet the needs of mining applications.

Hilliard Brake Systems-Dragline Maintenance Article

Large walking draglines are a key component of mining for many areas around the world. These systems are primarily used to remove overburden in bulk commodities like coal. In a recently published article in Coal Age magazine. Editor Steve Fiscor interviews Regional Sales Manager Rick Kallenborn on the importance of Dragline Maintenance in relation to the braking systems. Hilliard offers a line of caliper-style brakes that are more efficient that the original methods of braking. One braking system for three motions leading to increased efficiencies and reduced parts inventory. 

Dragline Maintenance-Coal Age-Published November 2018-Hilliard Brake Systems

Hilliard Brake Systems: Elevator Brake Market

For nearly half of a century, The Hilliard Corporation has serviced the industrial brake market. We service numerous industries: mines, cranes, marine….just to name a few. In more recent years Hilliard has entered the elevator market. In reaction to feedback from the market place, Hilliard engineering has developed several brakes specifically for use on passenger and freight elevator motor drive systems. Our current offering consists of two brake lines that carry the CSA certification allowing us to be incorporated onto the elevator drives. These two lines are our 6815 electric plate style brake and the MK1400 series. Both lines have been received very well in both the elevator service market as well as the elevator MOD market. We have installations in service in The United States, Canada and Mexico.

As Hilliard is a company driven by engineering, we are constantly seeking to help the markets we operate in and turn problems into opportunities. The elevator market has challenged us to develop a brake that is placed on the rails of the elevators and have also asked us for an interface between our 6815 series plate brakes and the drive motors. Both of the challenges are under review and development with Hilliard’s engineering staff and we are developing solutions to be available to the market by the first half of 2018. 

Figure 2 Hilliard MK 1400 Series w/ Split ring (mounted on gearless drive)

Figure 1-  Hilliard 6815 Electric Plate Style Brake (mounted on gearless drive)

The Hilliard Corporation is very excited about the opportunity for growth in the elevator market and we are dedicated to bring our products to this market from all avenues in 2018 and beyond. Our goal is to bring these products to the market with the quality and longevity that has become our reputation for over a century.

Figure 2-  Hilliard MK 1400 Series w/ Split ring (mounted on gearless drive)

Hilco Testing & Filtration Lab Services

The Hilliard Corporation launches new HILCO Laboratory Services that provides a full suite of rigorous world-class test capabilities to support industrial filtration and fluids analysis.

Front Differential Featured in Power Sport Business

Hilliard's front drivetrain differential clutch is used on new 4 wheel drive utility vehicles featured in "American Landmaster reveals new UTVs" in Janaury 4, 2017 article from Power Sport Business.

BrakeBoss on West Virginia Mining Conveyer

"As the world moves faster, our brakes work harder."

Hilliard recently commissioned a BrakeBoss Brake Control System on a new conveyer in Rupert, West Virginia which is featured in the December 2016 issue of Engineering and Mining Journal.

See our New Brake Systems at Mine Expo 2016

The Hilliard Corporation offers a broad line of industrial brakes and braking systems—designed, manufactured and sold according to our customer's specifications. A reliable source for quality motion control products for more than 110 years, we pride ourselves on our prompt response with the quality products you need and the dependability you demand.

Stop in and visit  Hilliard Brake Systems at booth 1763, North Hall at Mine Expo International 2016, Las Vegas, NV.

110 Year Anniversary

Founded in 1905, The Hilliard Corporation proudly marks its 110th anniversary in 2015.  From the first product of the company, a friction disconnect clutch, to manufacturing oil reclaiming machines in 1925,  Hilliard has continually evolved into becoming a leader in motion control and industrial filtration technology.

From making clutches and brakes for a wide variety of applications including machine tools, robotics, mining, mills, ATV and UTV vehicles, cranes, marine, military, lawn and garden, concrete and construction, elevator and escalator, material handling, medical equipment, and outdoor power equipment.  Hilliard has remained at the front of the motion control industry.

HILCO, Hilliard’s industrial filtration division, designs and builds products for a wide variety of applications including power generation, emission control systems, oil refining, and fluid transfer.  Star Filters is Hilliard’s plate and frame filtration product line.  Hilliard’s Engine Starter division produces equipment for power generation, turbines, reciprocating engines, cogeneration, and industrial engines.

Serving the needs of both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, Hilliard is proud to celebrate its 110th year of business.


National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants on Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines

New environmental regulations will require that stationary engines used for on-site power production capture the oil mist that is generated by the crankcase of the reciprocating equipment. The HILCO oil mist eliminator removes visible oil vapor in the air stream of the vents from lubricating oil systems of large, high speed rotating equipment. This in turn prevents contamination of the air and soil, as well as keeping a clean and safe work environment.

The oil mist generated by the equipment is drawn from the breather where it is then pulled through a coalescing filter cartridge. The oil / contaminant free air is released into the environment, while the filtered lube oil is returned to the sump. HILCO oil mist eliminators operate at an efficiency of 99.97% or greater of removal of airborne contaminants .3 micron or below. They are direct replacements for existing non-specified mist elimination systems. 

View the rules and regulations on the EPA website here: RICE NESHAP Regulations

See our literature here: RICE NESHAP and Hilco Vent Mist Eliminators

HILCO Anti-Static Cartridges

HILCO Anti-Static Cartridges/Elements Prevent Varnish build up in Lube Oil Systems

Static discharge is a common problem in the lubricating oil systems of today’s turbo-machinery. Type II lubricant base stocks exhibit very low fluid conductivity. As a result, static charges can build on the non-conductive components of the lube oil system, such as the filter elements. When a sufficient charge is accumulated, static discharge occurs between two points of differing potentials. Over time static discharge contributes to oil degradation and varnish build up throughout the system.

Hilco PH-CGJ style filter elements incorporate conductive fibers which are co-pleated in between two layers of hi performance microglass filter media. As a result the Hilco anti-static filter element dissipates static charge build up before discharge can occur. The Hilco CGJ style elements are available in every standard Hilco media grade code. Hilco offers full laboratory services and can verify the conductivity of a user’s oil if a static discharge problem is suspected.

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