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At the core of every HILCO® Mist Eliminator is our highly developed Demister Cartridge which utilizes an inside out flow in order to trap the oil from the air stream and return it to the oil reservoir for reuse. The resulting clear air can be safely released to the atmosphere with no environmental impact whatsoever.
The HILCO® Oil Mist Eliminator provides many industries with an essential, reliable system to minimize the environmental impact of essential operations.
Utilizing HILCO's technology and oil mist elimination systems will help your facility exceed current and future environmental regulations set forth by the U.S. Government and the EPA. Furthermore by doing so, this will prove the commitment of your facility to protecting the environment and Going Green.


Marine/Shipping - Mid Stream Gas - Mining - Natural Gas Pipeline Transmission - Oil & Gas - Power Generation - Pulp & Paper - Refinery - Steel Industry -

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