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Extreme Duty Pulley Clutch


Concrete/Construction - Outdoor Power Equipment

Magna Torque (MTR)

An integral part of many Hilliard motion control products is our roller-ramp design. The use of hardened cams and precision-machined rollers maximizes service life. There is almost no wear during freewheeling operations because rollers are free to rotate between the outer member and the inner cam. When the rollers are engaged, the load falls at random positions on the rollers. The result is superior service life and reliability. The Magna Torque is similar to the MT design except the cam surface is reversed allowing it to be used in multi-speed/dual drive applications.


Concrete/Construction - Fans - Steel Industry - Textile Machines

Type: Multi-Speed Drives/Dual Drives


Roller Ramp Magna Torque (Brochure)

Linkless Centrifugal Clutch

The Hilliard Corporation’s linkless centrifugal clutches combine a dowel pin, vibration dampening bushing and a symmetrical spring design. The results are a long service life at an economical price. Other benefits include soft starts, load-free starting and overload protection. Hilliard’s centrifugal clutches are ideal for applications such as fans, blowers, conveyor drives and mills. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities offer a wide range of choices, from common mounts to custom designs.


Concrete/Construction - Material Handling - Mill - Outdoor Power Equipment - Portable Saw Mills - Speed Limiters

Type: Automatic, Gradual, Cushioned Engagement


Linkless Centrifugal Clutch (Brochure)

PTO Hand disconnect clutch

The Hilliard PTO Clutch can be used for most start and stop applications that require positive engagement/disengagement and overload protection. With full control of clutch engagement, the PTO Clutch has adjustable torque setting and a bearing engagement collar.


Cable Winches - Concrete/Construction - Outdoor Power Equipment - Power Vaccum

Type: Postive Engagement/Disengagement


PTO Hand Disconnect Clutch (Brochure)
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