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Pneumatic Overload Release Clutch

The Hilliard Pneumatic Overload Release Clutch provides adjustable, on-the-fly overload protection by using air pressure to regulate torque. Air pressure puts force on the balls placed inside the pockets in the clutch, and provides the means for torque transmission. By adjusting the air pressure, the overload torque can be increased or decreased accordingly.


Cable Winches - Material Handling - Oil & Gas - Packaging - Power Generation

PTO Hand disconnect clutch

The Hilliard PTO Clutch can be used for most start and stop applications that require positive engagement/disengagement and overload protection. With full control of clutch engagement, the PTO Clutch has adjustable torque setting and a bearing engagement collar.


Cable Winches - Concrete/Construction - Outdoor Power Equipment - Power Vaccum

Type: Postive Engagement/Disengagement


PTO Hand Disconnect Clutch (Brochure)
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