Star Filters Division: Filter Presses


Star round plate and frame filter presses are fabricated out of bar stock, plate and tubular steel with no cast parts. Standard construction material for all contact surfaces is #304 stainless steel. Also available in #316 and other alloys.


Star square filter presses are fabricated from plate, bar and tube stock. Standard construction material for plates, heads, frames, pipes - all contact parts - is #304 stainless steel.


This filter boasts many features including a filter area of 43.29 in2 and a sludge capacity of 13.53 in3, #316 stainless steel construction, and manual bypass loop arrangement. Other details include precision-machined plates, frames, and heads. 

Oil Treatment System (OTS)

The OTS combines the efficiency of a filter press with adsorbent powders to produce clear, high-quality, reusable cooking oil, and reduce the free fatty acids and polar compounds. Equipment is custom-engineered to meet specific applications. 

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