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See our New Brake Systems at Mine Expo 2016

09/20/2016 - Hilliard Brake Systems at Mine Expo International 2016, Las Vegas, NV.

110 Year Anniversary

04/30/2015 - Hilliard Corporation Anniversary


04/17/2013 - Oil Mist Eliminators for compliance of RICE NESHAP environmental regulations. New environmental regulations will require that stationary engines used for on-site power production capture the oil mist that is generated by the crankcase of the reciprocating equipment.

HILCO Anti-Static Cartridges

04/17/2013 - Varnish Prevention in Lube Oil Systems of Turbo Machinery. Static discharge is a common problem in the lubricating oil systems of today’s turbo-machinery. Type II lubricant base stocks exhibit very low fluid conductivity. As a result, static charges can build on the non-conductive components of the lube oil system, such as the filter elements.

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