Star Filters Division: Filter Media

Cellulose Media

A wide range and variety of cellulose media is available, ranging from non-woven cotton cellulose, to pure wood cellulose, to bleached cellulose fibers. All varieties boast good to high wet strength and temperature resistance. Available in 2000 series, 800 series, 600 series, 200 series, 100 series, and 000.5 series. 

Diatomaceous Earth Media

Star Depth-Style Filter Pads are a blend of cellulose fibers and diatomaceous earth media. These pads are a very effective mechanical as well as adsorptive type filter. Star Filters Easy Earth™ media is a unique, Star Filters exclusive that incorporates diatomaceous earth into a smooth wood cellulose paper media with a nominal thickness of .03" and a nominal micron retention rating of 2 µm. Easy Earth was designed to eliminate precoating in some filtrations requiring filter aid. 

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