Motion Control Division: Torque Limiting Clutches

Ball Detent Overload Release

Hilliard Overload Release Clutches are designed to provide accurate overload protection and automatically reset after the overload is cleared. The ball pocket design ensures the torque setting remains consistent over time. A pneumatic version is available for adjustable protection on-the-fly.

Applications: The Overload Release Clutch is ideal for paper and packaging, printing, material handling, and food processing equipment.

Slip Clutch Friction Torque Limiter

Friction Torque Limiters and Couplings are designed to slip during a torque overload, while still transmitting the adjusted torque. They provide dependable solutions to the problems of torque control and overload protection in power transmission equipment.

Applications: Typically used on conveyor belt drives, lamination cutter drives, and robotics.

Hand Disconnect

Mechanical clutch used for most start and stop applications that require positive engagement and disengagement while providing overload protection. Simplified no-linkage design offers full control over clutch engagement.

Applications: Stationary power units, mortar/concrete mixers, cable winches, portable sawmills, and trailer-mounted power equipment.

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