Motion Control Division: Centrifugal Clutches

Centrifugal Clutch

Heavy-duty industrial centrifugal clutch coupling provides automatic, gradual, cushioned engagement over a speed range on high-inertia loads. It smoothes out and reduces starting current surge.

Applications: Well-suited for use on blower or fan drives, mill or kiln drives, speed limiter, and conveyor drives.

Linkless Centrifugal

The Hilliard Linkless Centrifugal is unique within its design. The combination of a dowel pin system and the symmetrical spring design allow for long life and provide an economical solution to meet your power transmission needs.

Applications: The Linkless Centrifugal Clutch is ideal for fans, blowers, conveyor drives, and mills.

Extreme Duty Centrifugal

Our Extreme Duty Centrifugal Clutch has been engineered to provide long service life, even in the most demanding applications. A thermodynamically designed shoe increases the clutch's ability to absorb heat without damaging the clutch springs. The sprocket version is ideal for the everyday demands of go-karts, while the pulley version is a low-cost upgrade for lawn and garden equipment.

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