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Pneumatic Start Assembly

Hilliard produces a broad line of pneumatic starters. These starters are positive displacement, expander type motors powered by either air or gas. The starter carries more acceleration torque and cranking speed characteristics than what is needed to start industrial type gas engines. The starter is equipped with a clutch option. Hilliard's overrunning clutch with its positive engagement on demand is the common preferred option.

Applications: Turbines, diesel and gas engines, engine test and overhaul shops.

Electric Start Assembly

The Electric Start Assembly is in a complete system with preprogrammed motor controller, variable speed AC motor, and an overrunning clutch. Wound rotor motors and high-density motors with permanent magnet technology can be applied. Input power is 230 to 575 Volts-3phase AC 50-60 Hz. Speed-increased gear drive designs are integrated for starting cut-off speeds over 5000 RPM. A few DC motor starters are offered.

Applications: Gas turbines, reciprocating engines.

Hydraulic Start Assembly

The Hydraulic Start Assembly features a variable-speed hydraulic piston motor and an overrunning clutch ready for on-engine installation. Hydraulic motors are available in fixed displacement and variable displacement types. They can be used in both open and closed loop applications. Modular assembly eases service and exchange of the clutch mechanism.

Applications: Gas turbines.

Starter Clutch Drive

The Starter Clutch Drive features a high-speed overrunning clutch in a finished housing. Mounting flanges and input/output shafts are made to meet the motor and engine interfaces. Clutch cooling oil is sealed from motor-starter and engine fluids. Automatic disengagement of the input shaft when the input torque drops to zero allows the output shaft to overrun. Various sizes are available.

Applications: Pneumatic starters, electric starters, hydraulic starters, turning gears, and turbine auxiliary drives.

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