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Star Compact Polishing Filter

Standard features include portable, four-wheel, locking-caster design; valved sample port; and six 47-cm precision-machined and internally ported plates for optimum sealing. This unit boasts a small footprint of 26" long x 21" wide x 30" high. Custom sizes available. 

Star DE Filter

The Star DE Filter is constructed of #304 stainless steel with polypropylene plates. Comes equipped with ten 1 ½" thick DE plates allowing a full 1.7 ft3 of sludge capacity and 20 ½ ft2 of filtration area. Expandable to a 20-plate design and custom sizes are available. 

Star Combination Filter

Integral crossover plate facilitates two-stage filtration in this wine filter model. Consists of ten 1 ½" thick DE plates and ten polishing plates, with the ability to mix and match plates for specific product needs. Custom sizes are available. 

Star 20-cm Filter

The Star 20-cm Filter was designed for smaller industrial operations and to add capacity to existing systems. Some features include 20-cm2internally ported polishing plates, pressure gauge, and drip pan. Constructed of rugged #304 stainless steel with polypropylene filter plates. Low-cost replacement filter pads are readily available. 

Portable Membrane Filter

This filter is an alternative to DE filtration and is steam sterilizable. Incorporates crossflow filtration allowing retention ratings of 0.2 µm and 0.5 µm. Also available in stationary, high process-rate models.

Star Depth Style Filter Media Pads

Star depth-style filter pads are a blend of cellulose fibers and diatomaceous earth media. Pads are available in eight micron retention ratings ranging from 0.2 µm to 5.0 µm. Pads have a high wet tensile strength, are non-toxic, and have a high flow rate and capacity. 

Star Industrial Storage & Mixing Tanks

Star tanks are constructed of type #304, #304L, #316, #316L stainless steel, carbon steel open-top design with reinforced top rim. Continuously welded heavy-gauge construction eliminates leaks. Weld seams are ground flush inside, and weld seams are wire-brushed outside. 

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